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Im ready to play )) Im always ready

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My dildo
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in a car
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I have some many... many fantasies ))

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December 26, 2009 11:11 PM
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New Year

It was New Year’s Eve and me, my friend, and another two couples got really drunk. One of the couples had to take care of their son and went off to sleep. My friend and I were horny as hell. So we went to a room and started fucking immediately. As I was being pleasured, the girl from the third couple walked in on us. At first I was shy but when I felt her staring at my perky tits it turned me on like fire. I knew I had to have her. As I was riding my friend, she licked my tits gently and made me feel so hot inside. My friend threw me on the bed and opened my pussy lips while she licked me like crazy. Luckily her friend was drunk enough to not notice she was not with him. If she ever reads this, I want to let her know that it's my turn to do her a favor.

October 08, 2009 01:04 AM
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My morning

The morning light waked me up. Sun was shining and I got up from my huge bed. Last night I had very hot dream and I was thinking about it all the time. Plot of my dream started in the restaurant, I was there with a nice man. It was our first meeting and we both were little bit shy-excited same time. I noticed his passionate glances direct into my eyes, but I was smilling. We talked a lot, laught, had fun. I felt me very comfortable in his company.. the time pass very fast by. Now its late evening and restaraunt need to close. We moved... and I waked up. This man was so gentile, clever, nice and had great sence of humor. Made me think of

October 12, 2009 03:46 AM
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Hot Shower

I love my body and love to play with myself. It happened in a shower. I was washing my body carefully. Playful fingers slide down and start to massage my hot pussy. I was getting horny so fast, hot water felt on my nipples and I go ahead. ----

October 25, 2009 00:35 AM
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"Finger me!"

He moved my hand away and took over rubbing my clit. I tortured my nipples, pinching and tugging them as I came all over him. I was still wanting more. He got behind me and worked his cock into my ass slowly. I began moaning like a porn star as he pistoned my tight ass. I made him stop and pull out. I told him to lay on his back. I got back on him and once his cock was back in my ass, I leaned back so I wasn't on my knees anymore. I had my feet on the bed and was in a "crab" position with my legs spread wide. "Finger me!" I said as I humped his cock with my ass. He slid his finger in me and I wanted more. "I want three fingers!" I begged. He jammed his fingers in my pussy and I screamed out loud as I came. He was moaning and grunting louder and louder. I slowed down and climbed off of him. We kissed all over and he sucked on my nipples gently as we slowly began to regain our breath. I fingered myself as I thought of fucking him again

November 13, 2009 03:49 AM
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Office Hottie

I always liked him. Such a hunk! We shared the same office. Our desks are next to each other. I purposely wore a short low V-neck dress the other day and I knew I had to have him. I had dropped some of my papers purposely by his desk on the floor and I bent over slowly to pick them up. He reached over to help me and I could see his eyes traveling to my low neck top outlining the curves of my breasts. The I turned around and bent down to file the papers in the low filing cabinet behind him. I could see he was looking up my skirt which rode up as I bent down. I had purposely wore no panties underneath. I remained frozen in that position to see his response. I held my breath as I saw him under my legs coming over and quietly unzipping his pants. He grabbed my hips toward him and I felt his hot and throbbing prick inside me. His hands traveled down my shoulders as he pulled my dress down to my hips and he grabbed and kneaded my breasts. His fingers squeezed and played with my jutting tits while he thrust mightily into my wet pussy. My body jerked as I climaxed and he followed soon after. Suddenly the door to our office opened and the office boy exclaimed, "Sorry!" and closed the door. We both laughed as we had seconds.